How To Look Your Best at The Holiday Party

Your Guide to Radiant Skin

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be so busy planning for events and holiday shopping that you forget to tend properly to your skin.

The holiday season can take a serious toll on your complexion, no matter how well you tend to it during the rest of the year.

Added stress, dry air, travel and even time spent driving trigger inflammation, dehydrated skin and, of course, those telltale fine winter lines!

And that’s before we even talk about late nights and holiday indulgence in food and drink that can cause breakouts and other problems for skin.

So what should you be doing to counter the effects of this magical but skin-stressing season?

Start by Getting Rid of Dry, Dead Skin Cells

The first step to de-stress tired skin should be to schedule a deep but gentle exfoliating facial. At-home face scrubs can be a great part of your routine during spring and summer, but they can be way too harsh for the drier fall and winter months.

Instead, try a gentler enzymatic exfoliation followed by a restorative hydrating or brightening serum. Malibu has several custom facials designed to gently remove the tired skin surface layer, including the Firming Transformation Facial with hyaluronic acid and pepper berry and the Antioxidant Anti-Aging Facial.

Detox Your Skin

Rich food, festive beverages and the stress of holiday shopping can lead to breakouts or just tired, washed-out looking skin. Restore clearness and brightness to your holiday complexion with detoxifying treatments that purify and restore balance to skin.

Malibu MedSpa’s Custom Purifying Probiotic Facial does just that, using the natural power of probiotics and nourishing, antioxidant-rich superfruits. It can help clear out impurities that lead to breakouts and is a wonderful restorative after travel.

Another excellent detox treatment we offer is the Geneo Revive Facial. This powerhouse treatment gently exfoliates and deeply oxygenates skin, then uses botanicals like red algae, edelweiss, caffeic acid and vanilla to detoxify and heal stressed skin.

Hydrate and Illuminate

Nourishing and restoring lost moisture to run-down skin is the key to getting a radiant holiday glow. The PRX-T33 treatment does all that and evens out skin, too, making it a terrific boost to give your skin for the holidays.

Or try our custom Antioxidant Anti-Aging Facial , which brightens and hydrates tired skin with a blend of vitamin C, botanicals, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

The Geneo Illuminate Facial is also a great boost for all skin types, as it brightens, hydrates and illuminates with vitamin C, kojic acid, carrot and prickly pear compounds.

Now Is the Time to Schedule Advanced Skincare Treatments

If you truly want to look your best for holiday parties, Christmas photos and time spent with family and friends you don’t always get to see, now is the right time to consider a long-acting advanced skincare treatment like microneedling or PlasmaMD.

If you plan ahead, PlasmaMD is a very powerful cosmetic rejuvenating treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin production for cell regeneration and firming. Although the treatment requires up to 7 days of downtime, its lasting effects develop in the weeks and months after treatment, so your skin will get even better as winter wears on.

Microneedling requires almost no downtime and its benefits only increase in the weeks after treatment. Microneedling PRP with platelet-rich plasma, aka the “vampire facial”, is also a fun treatment to schedule around Halloween!

And it is always a good time to schedule a fast-acting and relaxing LED treatment, which takes just 20 minutes. It gives you immediate results, is relaxing and painless, and requires absolutely no downtime.

Ready to Get Your Skin Looking Its Best for the Holiday Season?

Don’t wait until the holidays are upon us to get your skin holiday-ready.

We have appointments available to fit your busy schedule, and we’d love to help you prepare to look your holiday best!

Call us and book a treatment today.

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