Laser Hair Removal Treatments in the Winder Area


Malibu MedSpa offers Laser Hair Removal Treatments to our clients in the Winder area.

Laser hair removal treatments can semi-permanently remove, thin or slow the growth of hair in undesirable areas.

About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that works by targeting the hair follicles to remove and retard the regrowth of hair. It uses concentrated light energy from a laser beam to damage the follicle, resulting in stopped, inhibited or delayed future hair growth.

Laser treatments for hair removal target the pigment in hair, destroying them without damaging the skin itself. The hairs usually fall out shortly after the treatment, and each treatment delays the growth cycle for slower regrowth.

Laser hair removal can help you save money and time and save you the embarrassment of unexpected hair growth. It can also help prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs from irritating non-permanent hair removal methods.

Malibu MedSpa is dedicated to providing the best in aesthetic medical skincare treatments to our clients in the greater Winder Area.

Common problem hair growth areas that can be helped by laser hair removal

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Bikini Area
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive process and the discomfort is usually minimal. The sensation feels like mild heat with some pinching, not unlike a rubber band being snapped on the surface of the skin. Some describe the feeling as a warm pinprick, and the heat feeling as not particularly intense.

After your treatment, you may experience mild discomfort similar to a light sunburn, but many clients experience little to no discomfort at all. It usually takes six or more treatments to achieve full hair removal or reduction results with laser hair treatments, but you should see results beginning with your first visit.

Ordinarily, treatments are scheduled once a month for maximum efficacy and convenience, but your customized schedule may differ.

We strive to create a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere so that you will look forward to every visit.

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What to


When you arrive at our medspa near Winder, your medical aesthetician will escort you to a private room and make you comfortable before your treatment. You will have been instructed not to wax or tweeze hair in the area for a few weeks and given instructions on how and when to shave.


No question is ever unwelcome, and we encourage our clients to ask us anything that may be on their mind.

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    Does laser hair removal completely remove hair?

    Laser hair removal can provide semi-permanent hair removal or significant thinning. Each person will have different results, however, and hair removal for some may not be total, or the treatments may slow hair growth for a lesser time.

    Many people are quite pleased with the results of laser hair removal and enjoy the lower maintenance it can provide. Your aesthetician can evaluate your situation and give you expert advice on what to expect.

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    Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

    LHR is appropriate for all skin types, but because the laser targets pigment, the process usually works best for those with light skin and darker hair.

    Your aesthetician will be able to assess your skin and hair during your initial consultation and let you know whether laser hair removal is right for you. You will also be informed on what to expect, how to prepare and appropriate aftercare procedures.

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    What do I need to do to prepare?

    Your medical aesthetician will tell you everything you need to know before your appointment at our Winder area location. You will receive custom instructions tailored to your skin and hair type and the type of treatments you will have.

    Generally, clients are advised to avoid the sun, certain topicals and oral medication for a few weeks before treatment. Waxing, tweezing and chemical hair removal must be stopped, as well.

    Many skin treatments, including chemical peels, dermal fillers and Botox, will need to be avoided in the weeks immediately before and after.

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