Geneo Facials in the Pendergrass Area


Malibu MedSpa is one of the few spas to offer Geneo Facials in the northeast Georgia and Pendergrass area.

They are the ultimate facial treatment for achieving fresh, healthy and natural-looking skin.

What is a Geneo Facial?

The Geneo technology is a revolutionary system that combines Oxygeneo, ultrasound and Neo-Massage for unique, three-in-one action. The treatment works on the both the surface of the skin and deep within it to provide lasting results. All Geneo Facials help plump, brighten and hydrate skin while shrinking the appearance of pores.

The Geneo process involves:

  • Exfoliation of the outer skin layer
  • Natural skin oxygenation, with oxygen produced by the skin itself
  • Ultrasound and Neo-Massage for the infusion of topical treatments
  • Pollogen’s unique Geneo OxyPods and Geneo Serums, formulated using powerful natural skin-revitalizing compounds

In addition to the overall renewal benefits of Geneo Facials, they can also be used to provide targeted benefits, including:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Elimination of roughness from sun damage, aging and acne
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation for a more even tone
  • Diminished fine lines and improved elasticity
  • Deep hydration

Malibu MedSpa is dedicated to providing the best in aesthetic medical skincare treatments to our clients in the greater Pendergrass Area. We strive to create a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere so that you will look forward to every visit.

Geneo Facials at Our Malibu MedSpa Location Near Pendergrass

The Process

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Your Geneo Facial will be customized to your skin type, existing conditions and overall skincare goals. Each Geneo facial consists of two main phases: the exfoliation and oxygenation phase and the infusion phase.

Phase 1

The process begins with the application of gel that will activate on contact with the Geneo wand. The wand holds an OxyPod that chemically exfoliates and triggers the oxygenation process on and beneath the surface your skin.

Phase 2

Once you have completed the exfoliation and oxygenation process, your aesthetician apply a natural serum to our skin. A different wand combining ultrasound and Neo-Massage helps the compounds penetrate deeply for maximum effect.


Choose from two types of Geneo Facials

Our Pendergrass clients often comment that they feel newly refreshed and relaxed after our Geneo Facial treatments. Another great thing about Geneo Facials is that you don’t have to schedule any downtime afterward either.

The Geneo NeoRevive Facial

The Geneo Revive Facial is designed to smooth and tighten skin, for a revitalized look and feel that truly lasts. The treatment increases firmness and elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes a more youthful and supple appearance.

The Revive facial uses a combination of natural botanicals, including red algae, caffeic acid, ferulic acid and retinyl palmitate to detoxify, firm and even out the skin. Edelweiss and vanilla help stimulate the repair process, allowing skin damage to naturally heal.

The Geneo Illuminate Facial

The Geneo Illuminate Facial evens skin tone, improves pigmentation and brightens and rejuvenates the skin. It helps even out variations in both texture and color while removing dead skin cells for a brighter, more youthful looking appearance.

A unique blend of powerful natural extracts and botanicals including vitamin C, kojic acid, carrot, prickly pear and boldo tree bark give this treatment its powerful brightening, reparative and resurfacing properties. The compounds also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help stop skin damage in its tracks.

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What to


Your dermaplaning session will be conducted by one of our highly trained licensed aestheticians in the comfortable surroundings of a private treatment room. Each treatment usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is finished with a relaxing scalp massage


No question is ever unwelcome, and we encourage our clients to ask us anything that may be on their mind.

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    How does the OxyGeneo process Geneo Facials are based on work?

    Nutrient-rich gel with dormant natural ingredients is applied to the skin and then catalyzed when it contacts the Capsugen in the Geneo pod. This creates a chemical reaction that exfoliates and generates CO2 for an infusion of healthy oxygen and penetration of natural compounds.

    Similar to what happens in natural hot springs, the OxyGeneo process accelerates the absorption and utilization of nutrients by the skin. The uniqueness of OxyGeneo technology is that it triggers oxygenation beneath the skin’s surface instead of pushing oxygen into the skin.

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    How often should I have Geneo facial treatments?

    Depending on the state of your skin and the desired outcome, your Malibu MedSpa aesthetician may recommend a series of weekly sessions to realize your skincare goals.

    A common treatment regimen would involve 4-6 weekly sessions followed by monthly touch-up sessions for lasting results.

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    How long do the treatments take?

    Each Geneo facial treatment takes about 20 minutes. The exfoliation and oxygen process lasts approximately 10 minutes, followed by a nourishing NeoMassage with ultrasound for topical infusion. You will likely be scheduled for a little longer than that to allow you to relax and ask any questions of your aesthetician.

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